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Some of the new features include:

  • Far, far improved debugger. The debugger dialog has gone (yay!), and lots of the "clunkyness" has been removed (now I will actually start using it more!). You can now set break-points when the debugger is not running, step into arbitary scripts, etc. The debugging experience is far closer to MSVC. A few notes on the new debugger are here.
  • Integration with IDLE extensions. Many of the new Pythonwin features below have come about simply by stealing code from IDLE :-).
  • Dockable interactive window and path browser. PathBrowser can now browse into the modules themselves (if you get the very latest, it works even better!)
  • Fully customisable keyboard configuration and extensions. You can define your own keyboard bindings and also your own custom events!
  • Improved auto-indentation and tab usage, thanks to the Tab Wizard <wink> himself.
  • IDLE's "ExpandWord" extension used - excellent feature - start typing a variable name or any other word, hit Alt+/, and the word auto-completes.
  • Interactive Window has stolen IDLE's history capability, and now has full support for triple-quoted strings, "_", etc (this now uses the standard module)
  • Integrated class browser with every editor window.
  • Support for simple toggling and definition of fixed and propertional fonts.
  • Small improvements to the grep facility.
  • Improved call tips and attribute expansion.
  • Key binding for toggling between the interactive window and the most recently used editor window.
  • Far improved find facility, including the ability to search across all open files.
  • Quite a few more little improvements. Already I don't know how I lived without some of these!

Here is the obligatory screen-shot!

If you are not already a registered user, then you will need to build Pythonwin from the sources (or even better, register and help support the life and development of these cool Python extensions!)

[Wed Jul 27 08:02:53 2005 GMT+10]