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Python Programming on Win32


This is the official page of the O'Reilly book Python Programming on Win32, by Mark Hammond and Andy Robinson.

Thanks very much for buying our book.  We hope it meets your expectations and becomes a valuable resource.


Chapter 19: Communications - Page 374 - The Serial package does not have a send() method - it has named  write().  Thanks to Larry Greene.

Chapter 13 - mxODBC.  We make reference to a possible future mxODBC executemany() method.  Marc-Andre has incorporated this functionality into the existing execute() method, if you provide it a list of tuples.  Thanks to Bill Tolbert for getting this cleared up.

Page 50, 3rd paragraph - Ctrl-Shift-C is used to invoke the TabNanny, not Ctrl-C as printed.

Page 309, table 17-1.  The functions listed as os.exists(), os.isdir() and os.isfile() should instead be os.path.exists(), os.path.isdir() and os.path.isfile() respectively. The descriptions for these functions are correct.

Page 298, last paragraph - NetServerEnum().  The description of this function is missing the domain parameter.  The correct signature is:

entries, total, resume = win32net.NetServerEnum(server, level,
   serverTypes=win32netcon.SV_TYPE_ALL, domain=None, resume=0, len=4096)

Other information

If you are following the DCOM examples in chapter 12 and are running Windows 98 SE, you will be amused to learn that Microsoft forgot to put the DCOM configuration tool on the CD!  The problem, and a link to a dcomcnfg.exe you can use can be found at  Thanks to Stefan Franke for pointing this out.


All sample code can be downloaded from (1,536,326 bytes).  The tool PyDelphi.exe as discussed in Chapter 22 is available in (550,250 bytes)

Samples History

We are attempting to keep the samples up to date, both with respect to bugs and any Python or Win32 Extensions changes that will happen from time to time.  Below is a brief log of the history of the zip file, to help you work out if you have the latest code.

  • January 2002: updated the doubletalk samples to correctly pass a tuple to mktime; Python has become more strict about many functions.
  • August 20, 2000: would write a string similar to "1,2" to an Excel cell.  In some locales, Excel would treat this as a number, causing the demo to fail.  It now writes "1x2".
  • March 8, 2000: Archive was missing the wxPython and Tkinter samples.
  • March 25, 2000: A timezone related bug in Chapter 6's doubletalk\ was fixed.

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