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Mark Hammond's Free Stuff

This is Mark's collection of stuff...

The Python for Windows extensions

I'm the primary maintainer of the pywin32 package - please visit the project's SourceForge page


I no longer get any spam in my Outlook inbox.  The SpamBayes project is at sourceforge,


I do a lot of work on the Python XPCOM bindings and once wrote a cute Python sidebar for Mozilla.


I have 2 now :)

Python Programming on Win32

Andy Robinson and my book from OReilly titled Python Programming on Win32 has been released, and copies are now available.  The book's sample code and errata page can be found here.

Programming in the .NET environment

Co-written with Damien Watkins and Brad Abrams from Microsoft, this book isn't about Python (but I did make sure it got a number of mentions!).  Published by Addison-Wesley, the book's page is here.

Australian Python Users Mailing List

There is a mailing list for Australian Users of Python.  This is a low volume list, and pretty much anything to do with Aussies using or working with Python is on topic, including feelers for job or contract offers.  The mailing list pages are here.


You can find the beginning of my collection of conference papers, tutorials, sample code, etc.

About these pages

The base content is maintained using the Mozilla HTML Editor. After updating the pages, a Python script (supplied by David Ascher, but since hacked significantly) to add the side-bars and banners is run which creates a new set of .html files. rsync is then used to update my local directory structure to the starship page.  If you poke around, all the scripts I use are also mirrored in this same directory (but I wouldn't wish them upon my worst enemy ;)

The Python for Windows Extensions are hosted at SourceForge - visit the project page here.

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