[triangle-zpug] List Advisory

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri May 16 17:22:11 UTC 2008


This is to inform you that soon you will be subscribed to our new 
python.org email list.

Python.net has been dying a slow painful death for some time now and 
there has been work behind the scenes to get our list moved to 
python.org for many months. That time has now come.

When you are subscribed to the new list, you will be getting a welcome 
message. It will describe the list purposes, policies, email addresses, 
and URLs.

Your email address subscription is the only thing that will carry over 
to the new list. That means you will need to set yourself a new email 
list password. There will be a description in your subscribe email about 
how to do that.

Also, if you receive the list via daily digest or have your subscription 
set to "no email," you will need to reset that as well *after* setting a 
new password. Of course, if your subscription is set to "no email," then 
you won't see this message either. :)

There are three of you who are "private" members of this list. That is, 
we don't know who you are because you chose to keep your subscriptions 
"private" from the other list of members. So, I guess those three of you 
are own your own to find a way to resubscribe. I bet the front page of 
http://trizpug.org might hold a clue how to do that. :)

I would like to ask that you send no more emails to 
triangle-zpug at starship.python.net. Our co-founder Tom Bryan of 
python.net is working with Brad Knowles of python.org to get our list 
archives moved over to python.org.

If you have any questions, you can refer them directly to me, cbc the at 
sign unc the dot mark edu, instead of this list. Before you do, I ask 
that you read this email again closely and consider if it is a really 
important questions first, so I don't get a hundred or so emails to 
answer personally.

Finally, huge gynormous thanks to Tom Bryan, who has run the TriZPUG 
email list for six years. We will have three owners of the new list, 
myself, Mark Biggers, and Rob Lineberger. If you are a regular 
long-standing participant at TriZPUG meetings and also would like to be 
a list owner, just ping me about it.


Chris Calloway
office: 332 Chapman Hall   phone: (919) 599-3530
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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