[triangle-zpug] Quick IRC Cheat Sheet

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Thu May 8 13:12:57 UTC 2008

Hi All,
There's been some indication from various folks that ya'll don't know 
IRC as well as you should. :)

So, here's a very brief crash-course in IRC commands and what they do. 
I'm pulling this mostly from memory, I'm sure there's some docs on 
freenode or elsewhere, and others that are more l33t than me that will 
fill in any gaps (AFAIK, most of the other commands deal with channel 

* 	*What it does
/me is hungry
	* yourusername is hungry
shows up in the channel
/nick newnick
	change your username to newnick
/away message
	set yourself as away (most multi-clients like gaim do this for you)
/msg somebody
	send a private message to the user named 'somebody'. In Gaim, this 
comes up like any other instant message.
/query somebody
	start a private chat with a user named 'somebody' most clients will 
open a new window for this
/whois somebody
	get basic info on somebody, also lets you know if they're online
/join #channel
	join the #channel chat room
/quit message
	leave the server with a cleaver message
/help command
	get help (at least on freenode)! if you specify command, it will give 
you help on that command. If not, it will list all available commands.


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