[triangle-zpug] AGX Fixes + ZopeSkel Enhancements

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Tue Mar 11 14:28:42 UTC 2008

Hi All,
As mentioned at the last meeting, I did some work on AGX a while back. I 
finally got around to posting my changes to the issue tracker.

here's the URL: http://plone.org/products/archgenxml/issues/201

Over the weekend, I did some work on ZopeSkel. Namely, I noticed and 
finished up the `addcontent atschema` local command so that it populates 
your interface schema, your AT schema, and creates the bridge attributes 
in your content class.

And now I've just realized that it's a bit broken. Arrgh.

Anyway, I should have that fixed by next week, in the meantime, you can 
check out what I've got so far here: 

I mentioned I'd send around the link to the process document I was 
following during my "lightning" talk, here it is:


It's by no means complete, but I've been using it (and constantly 
updating it) and it's serving me well. It sorely needs a menu, I'm in 
the process of moving it to XML + XSLT to auto-generate it.


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