[triangle-zpug] Tuesday, January 22 TriZPUG meeting at Capstrat

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Jan 18 16:27:53 UTC 2008

The meeting announcement is up:


Please bring a lightning talk about what you've been doing with or 
learned about Python or Zope.

We had a well attended and different sort of Plone Jam last night. 
Present were Jim, Mark, Rob, Mike, Don, and me. Mike hosted. Thanks, 
Mike! Mike suggested the next third Thursday Jam occur at UNC. OK, Mike!

We discussed a future Plone 3 boot camp. And we discussed walking 
through this new tutorial at either or next Plone Jam (at Train of 
Thought on Wed Feb 6) or at the upcoming meeting:


We discussed the local Python job market and openings and several Plone 

We also discussed mechanisms for accomplishing a RecurringOrder content 
type for greenjoes.com including using either a ZODB connection or web 
services called from within either a cron job or using a zope clock 
server. Rob and Jim traded some code.

Jim, Rob, Don, and I adjourned to The Federal for the further 
philosophical discussion.


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