[triangle-zpug] Plone solutions providers

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Wed Jan 16 17:09:32 UTC 2008

Howdy Chris,

Chris Calloway writes:
 > Mike Revoir wrote:
 > > Hello all, we're looking for a solutions provider to build our Intranet 
 > > in Plone 3. Can anyone recommend a company that they've worked with in 
 > > the past? I know a list was circulated a while ago, but I can't find 
 > > that e-mail to use as a reference point.
 > This first company to stand up a custom Plone 3 site for clients was Six 
 > Feet Up (Calvin Hendryx-Parker of the Plone 2.1 framework team and a 
 > bunch of folks from Camp 5):
 > http://www.sixfeetup.com/
 > They do amazing beautiful work much more inexpensively than anyone with 
 > similar experience (of which they have a lot). They are currently on 
 > contract to UNC Arts and Sciences (for something called Easy Plone) plus 
 > they are currently doing the entire web presence including intranet for 
 > the Durham Public Schools. So you can take advantage of them being in 
 > the area a lot.

Do you have any email-contacts, phone #s or otherwise, for the
Sixfeetup.com folks that show up here in RTP?  I would like to arrange
a meeting or two -- informal; then perhaps formal for

Perhaps I could work with these folks, hmm....

thank you,

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