[triangle-zpug] Plone Jam this Thursday at Duke

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Wed Jan 16 13:54:16 UTC 2008

Howdy Mike,

Any pointers to "Plone3 buildouts" you would like to share, before the Jam?
I had some success with:


  (warning: does not build PIL for you, so Plone may not load - depends
    on your Python build-setup): 

Although we would need a Plone "Unified Installer" -type buildout, since our
current Plone sites are a superset of P.U.I.:


    =>> "Plone 3.0.5 Unified Installer Plus Buildout (Experimental)"

  (warning: I haven't tried this yet...  We'd also have to modify it for
  'runit', Apache config, etc, as we did for PUI)

Thank you for hosting PJam!


Mike Revoir writes:
 > Just a friendly reminder that we'll be having a Plone Jam at Duke this
 > Thursday night (17 Jan 2008) at 6 o'clock.
 > Hope to see you there,
 > Mike
 > http://trizpug.org/Members/mrevoir/plonejams/2008-1-17

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