[triangle-zpug] Plone solutions providers

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Jan 10 20:23:09 UTC 2008

Mike Revoir wrote:
> Hello all, we're looking for a solutions provider to build our Intranet 
> in Plone 3. Can anyone recommend a company that they've worked with in 
> the past? I know a list was circulated a while ago, but I can't find 
> that e-mail to use as a reference point.

This first company to stand up a custom Plone 3 site for clients was Six 
Feet Up (Calvin Hendryx-Parker of the Plone 2.1 framework team and a 
bunch of folks from Camp 5):


They do amazing beautiful work much more inexpensively than anyone with 
similar experience (of which they have a lot). They are currently on 
contract to UNC Arts and Sciences (for something called Easy Plone) plus 
they are currently doing the entire web presence including intranet for 
the Durham Public Schools. So you can take advantage of them being in 
the area a lot.

They do a lot of hospital and university work (ask Kurt Bendl at Univ of 
Louisville). And my project is chomping at the bit to release a proposal 
for them to bid on which they've advised me on a lot. Calvin is also the 
nicest person I've ever met in the Plone community. Six Feet Up is soup 
to nuts. That is, they can go from initial design to robust complete 
hosting and anything in between. They do a lot of Plone hosting and 
turned me onto Zenoss.


Chris Calloway
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