[triangle-zpug] plone login script question - solved

Stephanie Thirolle stepht at duke.edu
Fri Jan 4 21:03:52 UTC 2008

Never mind!  I found out my error and have corrected it.  In case anyone 
stumbles on the same issue, I'll share my mistake:

When I moved the custom skin files into the directory I wanted them 
applied to ( /hawaii/), I inadvertently copied over an empty acl_users 
folder.  B/c this folder did not specify any cookie settings, its 
presence essentially disabled cookies for that folder and consequently 
disabled my login script.

live and learn!

Stephanie Thirolle, Nicholas School, Duke University

Stephanie Thirolle wrote:
> Hi All,
>     I'm a relative newbie to plone and have been experimenting with some 
> folder-dependent skin switching and have run into a login script 
> problem.  I've got my new skin displaying properly but in the process 
> have broken the login script.  Plone seems to be disabling it.  Any 
> thoughts as to why and what I can do to fix it would be greatly appreciated.
> The site(s) in question are:
> www.nicholas.duke.edu/blog
> where www.nicholas.duke.edu/blog/login_form displays correctly
> and
> www.nicholas.duke.edu/blog/hawaii (new skin)
> where www.nicholas.duke.edu/blog/hawaii/login_form displays without the 
> actual form and gives a message about cookie-based login
> I've tried altering the login_form template without success.
> We're running Plone 2.5 on zeo and I have all the skin-specific files 
> for /hawaii/ in the hawaii folder.  It's probably worth noting that the 
> login form worked properly when we tired to use an External 
> Method/Access Rule to switch skins -- we abandoned that b/c it wouldn't 
> resolve correctly on our zeo setup.
> Thanks!
> Stephanie Thirolle

Stephanie Thirolle
Nicholas Webmaster
stepht at duke.edu

!!please note new numbers!!



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