[triangle-zpug] [TriLUG] Launchpad tonight at TriZPUG

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Feb 26 20:39:10 UTC 2008

On 2/26/2008 1:24 PM, Kevin J. wrote:
> Will this be recorded for viewing later, by any chance?

We generally have not been doing that. Not that we don't want to. Just 
no one has stepped forward as of yet to do that.

If you'd like to volunteer to do that, I'm sure it would be appreciated 
by somebody somewhere down the line. :)

Copied to TriZPUG in case anybody there wants to bring a video camera 
and be responsible for licensing/editing/encoding/uploading/tagging.

PyAtl (Atlanta Python) has been particularly good lately at making 
videocasts of meeting presentations:


The Python community is getting more organize in this arena lately with 
projects like these:



I think within the year this will be pretty standard among all Python 
user groups, as well as cross-syndication of content between user groups 
(the Zope community is hard at work on that one). It's all a matter of 
political will and its gaining steam.


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