[triangle-zpug] report on *last* Plone Jam - 6 Feb 2008 at TOT in Morrisville

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Thu Feb 21 21:57:07 UTC 2008

[ Please come to tonight's! http://trizpug.org/Members/cbc/feb-08-jam2 ]

-- What we (Jim, Rob, me, and "Plone-newbie" Joshua Smith) did do:

() Rob attempted a walkthrough of his talk "Tail Wags Fangs".  He has some
   good bits in there, and also found some holes to fix.  We had a Plone
   newbie show up, and it seemed a good thing to try out on him :) ...

() Rob and I had Plone3 buildouts set-up.  We attempted to "deploy" two
   Plone2 products, both generated from Argo/ArchGenXML, to his Plone3 site:
   (1) a new product-version, of his L.I.M.S. system
   (2) the "example" Plone2 product from the newest ArchGenXML release.

   Neither would load.  We don't know the GenericSetup/ZCML juju, to have
   Plone3 accept these products.

() I wanted to show Rob how to modify the UML for the AxGen-example, to add
   unit-test "classes" to the diagram, and then have AxGen generate the
   u-test stubs.
   Purpose: to get Rob used to running u-tests, even just the stubs, to see
   if a Product in development, will even load (valid Python & Plone code).

   For some silly reason, the AxGen-example has a completely broken u-test
   UML module!  It would do everyone who uses AxGen a favor, to fix this and
   have at least u-test stubs generated, when generating code from the UML!

() Joshua (NCSU Physics) detailed his interest in getting LaTeX-based
   content into a Plone portal site.  He's exploring plasTeX, a Python
   based LaTeX => DOM converter.  (I should remember more of this, but
   I was quite focused on Rob and my interests... sorry!)

-- So, speaking for myself - Rob, Jim and Joshua can chime in as they
   so desire - I would like to "jam on":

() Getting the AxGen-example UML fixed (u-test UML), then run the Product's
   u-tests on at least a Plone2 site.  Here's my usual drill, on a P2
   Unified-Installer site:

   cd client2
   bin/zopectl test -vv -m Products.MyPloneProduct 2>&1 | tee log/tests.log

   I am not sure the u-tests will run at all - without a ZCML "slug" - on a
   Plone3 site.
   Q: can AxGen be made to generate some "portion" of the P3 ZCML "slug", as
   a helpful timesaver?  I will investigate.

() Using a "fixed" AxGen-example (UML) Product, figure out what ZCML is
   needed to make it install on a Plone3 site.

() Run the AxGen-example Product's unit-tests - any difference in how-to? -- 
  on the P3 site

Perhaps this isn't so interesting for everyone, but Rob (I think) and I want
to figure this out, at least.  We're not up-to-speed on pure Plone3 products

Thank you,

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