[triangle-zpug] PyCamp concurrent with Plone Boot Camp

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Apr 17 15:37:39 UTC 2008

On 4/17/2008 5:59 AM, Scott Hicks wrote:
> I am interested in the PyCamp boot camp.  What kind of interest is needed in
> order to have this event?

40 people.

> Is there a defined outline for the course, or
> does it depend upon the interest of the participants?

Defined outline. I assume the interest is to learn Python. The material 
in the can from last time. I spent several hundred hours putting it 
together. I don't get in front of 40 people and wing it with whatever 
anybody is interested in. It's a boot camp. You come. You learn. Or drop 
and give me twenty. :)

*Depending* on how many people are going to Regular Plone Boot Camp and 
then PyCamp, *and* how much time I might have to do this beforehand, 
*some* of the material later in the week might be retooled to Plone 
examples. This is something Joel and I have talked about. However, I 
would limit that according to how many people in PyCamp class are not 
there because of Plone. It would take pretty much a unanimously Plone 
class to go beyond anything more than, "Let's use Clouseau to go 
exploring in Plone with Python," though.


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