[triangle-zpug] PyCamp concurrent with Plone Boot Camp

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Apr 16 22:30:54 UTC 2008

On 4/16/2008 2:39 PM, Barry Vial wrote:
> I'm very interested in the PyCamp and I must attend the Plone boot camp. 
>  I really hope these two do not conflict but I understand that 
> scheduling  needs may dictate otherwise.

In case it wasn't clear before from the links:

There are *two* Plone Boot Camps offered back to back this year: Regular 
and Advanced. The are one week *each*. The weeks are consecutive. You do 
not need to go to both. You can go to both.

PyCamp is also a one week camp.

I would possibly like to offer PyCamp during one or both of those weeks 
on the assumption that *most* people would not go to *both* back to back 
Plone Boot Camps (although a few people certainly will).

That means maybe you could go to a Regular Plone Boot Camp one week and 
PyCamp the next. Or PyCamp one week and Advanced Plone Boot Camp the 
next. Or just Plone Boot Camp. Or just PyCamp.

But you couldn't go to all three week-long camps in two weeks. :)

I'm just trying to get a gauge a) if PyCamp should be offered at all, b) 
if it should be offered one week or the other, and c) if it should be 
offered both weeks.

This all depends on a) if enough people would even go to PyCamp to 
justify offering it and b) being sure offering PyCamp would not 
adversely affect Plone Boot Camp.


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