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Subject: [Plone-developers] New Orleans Plone Symposium Call for Speakers
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:58:11 -0500
From: Alan Runyan <runyaga at runyaga.com>
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Call for Presentations of the June Plone Symposium
     We are now ready for presentation submissions for the Plone Symposium.
The Plone Symposium is heavily focused on technical useful tidbits and best
practices of Python/Zope/Plone development.  The goal for the Symposium
is for to cover relevant topics for consultants, systems administrators, and
developers.  It is the perfect venue for prospects to engage the Plone
community because of its intimate setting and core developer to attendee

Some suggestions for talks for the Symposium:

     zope.interface / Adapters
     Eggs / VirtualEnv
     Lowering the bar for entry
     Integrating 3rd party applications
     Indexing / Events
     Content mirroring / Entransit
     RDBMS integration
     ZODB / RelStorage / zeoraid
     Consulting projects with Plone
     R&D and Consulting
     Plone in the Windows environment
     Making dynamic scalable sites with Plone

Each presentation should be 30-45 minutes.  Speaker should be
intimately familar with subject matter.  We recommend 5-10 minutes
of Q&A section of presentation so audience members are allowed to
ask questions.

Speakers will have conference fee's waived and will get a tshirt.

Please send title, abstract of presentation to alan at enfoldsystems.com.

Look forward to seeing you at the symposium in New Orleans!

Learn more about the Symposium at:

alan runyan

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