[triangle-zpug] NOTICE: Meeting day change

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Apr 15 21:12:41 UTC 2008

There were no objections and one positive response after a month long 
feedback period to switch TriZPUG monthly meetings to Thursday.

Plus, Paul is able to host on Thursday next week but not Tuesday.

So, shotgun, our next meeting will be on fourth Thursday, April 24, at 
Capstrat in Raleigh:


The following program has been posted on our site for several weeks:

"TriZPUG April 2008 Meeting: Scientific Python - Remote Sensing and 
Ecological Modeling

Josh Gray, a doctoral candidate in the UNC Department of Geography, will 
describe a NASA funded ecological investigation which explores methods 
of scaling up eddy covariance flux tower estimates of various ecological 
parameters, especially those related to carbon and water cycling, to 
regional scales. Various remotely sensed images are employed in a novel 
model which estimates evapotranspiration for the Eno River Watershed in 
Durham and Orange Counties. Originally the workflow was entirely Matlab 
based. This user has found that the Python combination of numpy, pylab, 
and gdal has provided a full replacement and increased efficiency and 

If you have something you'd like to talk about, bring it. Tell us what 
you've been doing with Python or what you've discovered about Python. 
Show and tell. No tip too small. We can have as many lightning talks as 
you'd like to stick around for. Don't ask for permission. Just announce 
it or bring it on. We operate on the shotgun rules for meetings. Call 

Shotgun: To compliment Josh's talk, if there is time, I may tell you 
about what I've done recently with pylab (this is follow up to the Sodar 
processing code I showed you last fall):


and/or what I've done recently with pydap (example with NWS METAR data):


Both of the above run in virtualenvs with their own linkage to private 
Fortrans, etc.

The pydap DODS server uses pyNGL (Python NCAR Graphics Library) from the 
Earth System Grid:



Chris Calloway
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