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Chris Church flyingfred0+trizpug at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 19:58:50 UTC 2008

My company (Effician Inc.) is looking for a software developer to help us
with some server-side programming.  Our primary focus is on embedded
systems, but we're finding more opportunities where we need to collect and
manage data uploaded from those embedded devices.  The initial assignment
would most likely be to help me enhance an existing TurgoGears application,
but after that you'd be involved in the design and decision-making process
for the tools, frameworks, etc. we use in future projects. I've included the
full job description below.

jobs at effician.com


Staff Engineer – Software Design (Server)
Position Summary:

The candidate is responsible for translating product design
requirements into detailed software designs. The candidate will be
responsible for the detailed software design of assigned projects or
project components. Duties include reviewing requirements, software
design and test, set-up of development/test environments, use of
debugging tools, use of configuration management tools and the
generation of design documentation. Ability to work independently and
good communication skills are essential. Travel is not anticipated,
but occasional travel is possible.


- Experience with Python and C/C++
- Experience with Python web application frameworks (Turbogears, Django)
- Experience with SQL databases (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
- Familiarity with embedded Linux kernels and applications for custom boards
is a plus
- Familiarity with wireless applications (cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee,
RFID, 802.11) is a plus
- Able to work as part of an energetic and fast-paced design team
- Good written and oral communication skills

Education Level:

BS or MS in
Computer Engineering or Computer Science, with a minimum of 5 years
experience developing
web-based or client-server applications.
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