[triangle-zpug] CharPy and WSGI and virtualenv and zopeproject

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Sat Sep 29 03:15:10 UTC 2007

FYI, a Python user group has recently started meeting in Charlotte.  
They are about 10 people at this point:

charpy at googlegroups.com

They've met twice, I think. Once for breakfast on or near Central  
Ave., and once for a presentation at CPCC (whose web presence is Plone).

At their last meeting, Brodie Rao made a presentation on WSGI. Then  
he posted this ridiculously awesome journal entry about it:


This just goes to prove the adage, "Why use someone else's Python web  
framework when it's so easy to roll your own?"

I'm excited because Brodie says on the CharPy list:

"I plan to write some followup articles on the subject of WSGI and web
applications, from how to make simple CRUD applications, to building
complex output-transforming WSGI middleware. I also intend to show
where this "roll your own" development style falls short, and how it
can be made into a more viable solution."

What a great example of someone sharing their experience with others.  
Seeing that people like Brodie are involved lets me know that CharPy  
is going to be a big success. I wouldn't be surprised if we go to  
PyCon in Charlotte one day.

Speaking of ridiculously awesome blog posts, check out the screencast  
with this one (especially youse guys using virtual python):



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