[triangle-zpug] report on 10/23 TriZPUG.org meeting, hosted at Duke U.

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Thu Oct 25 17:12:33 UTC 2007

A brief report on the 10/23 meeting at Duke, hosted by Mike Revoir:

() Our meeting room, arranged by Mike Revoir, was taken over by a
   United Way silent auction.  We met out in the atrium, where most of
   connected to the Duke WLAN - we just kept going.

() Jim Allman and I demonstrated http://RumorByLG.com .

   The highlight of this LG-phone advert site (for us) is the
   "Register to Win" Flash form, that basically does REST-style chat
   and POSTing to a PloneFormGen form setup.

   The Flash form pull-down "widgets" get their data by generating
   standard Plone "object/method" HTTP URLs.  The form then POSTs,
   Plone (PFG) does all the fields validation, and PFG creates the
   nice CSV database of data, from each form-post.

() I demonstrated a fast method for using Clouseau for Plone
   introspection and debugging.  Just install the Clouseau product in
   your Plone site, and do nothing otherwise.  Start up in one of your
   Zope instances - either client1/ or client2/ from the
   UnifiedInstaller - as "sudo client2/bin/zopectl fg" (example) and
   go.  You can leave Clouseau installed and always usable in this
   way, w/o compromising the site or configuring Clouseau in any way.

() Edmund Moseley demonstrated some neat Javascript/Ajax code to create
   a flexible Image "slide sorter".  It's pretty straightforward to
   hook Javascript into your Plone pages, evidently - the difference
   is Edmund's clever code to do display, sorting and manipulation of
   Images in a Plone Folder.

This was our kickoff "Plone hack-session".  We didn't do much hacking,
but had a lot of good discussion and demos.  We'll have a another
"Plone hack-session" outside of TriZPUG.org meetings, in the very near

Thank you,

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