[triangle-zpug] Book review (so far): "Professional Plone Development"

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Oct 11 10:13:09 UTC 2007

On Oct 10, 2007, at 7:24 PM, David Handy wrote:
> I bought Martin Aspeli's new book "Professional Plone Development",  
> and so
> far I have been very glad I did.
> I seem to be the perfect target audience for Aspeli's book: Someone  
> with a
> fair amount of Python programming experience, that wants to have Plone
> explained to him in detail from a programming perspective.
> So far I have read just the first 50 pages (out of 392), but I feel  
> like I
> have already gained a lot of relavant information. I am reading the  
> book in
> two passes - I first read over a whole chapter, then I go back and  
> download
> stuff, try his examples at the command line, etc. Good stuff.
> Aspeli is good not just for facts but recommended best practices.  
> So far I
> am in complete agreement with his philosophies. And especially, I  
> am very
> pleased for once to be reading relevant, up to date material!

Here at Plone Conference, you are a very popular person if you have a  
copy of Martin's book with you. It was shipped about the same time as  
most people were leaving home to come to the conference. Some people  
got theirs before leaving for conference. Some people didn't.  
Everybody wants one. Martin tried to get some to bring to the  
conference. But there were shipping problems getting many copies into  
Italy so soon after availability. So you may be *more* fortunate if  
you aren't at Plone Conference because you have a way of getting the  
Martin's new book. I got to look through Scott Paley's copy at dinner  
last night. I assume the copy I've had pre-ordered since last summer  
is either sitting on my porch at home or returned by UPS for not  
having a signature to receive it. The publisher sent me an email  
telling me my copy had been shipped on the day before I left for Italy.

At the end of Joel Burton's pre-conference Plone 3 training, which  
was not about general Plone development, but instead about just the  
new things for developers in Plone 3, Joel recommends reading Phillip  
von Weitershausen's Zope 3 book first. Martin spends about two  
paragraphs on Zope 3 concepts and then uses them extensively in his  
Plone 3 book. If you've only gotten through the first 3 chapters,  
you're still in the chatty parts of the book before he shifts into  
high gear with Zope 3 components.

Other North Carolina people here in Napoli for Plone Conference:  
Stephan Altmueller of UNC and Jeff Gayle from Charlotte and the newly  
formed CharPy. Veda Williams, formerly of UNC, now of Seattle, is  
also here.


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