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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Nov 29 18:55:26 UTC 2007

Google is sponsoring a contest for pre-college teens to help with select
open source projects:


Students can win up to $500 based on number of tasks completed. Tasks
have to be completed within five days each. And the top ten students win
a trip to Mountain View with a parent.

Python and Plone are among the 10 open source projects:


The tasks are:


There are a couple of problems you might want to help with.

One, the Python task list is rapidly running out of tasks due to demand:


You can suggest new ones. See the project page for details.

The other problem is the Plone task list has no takers. You can become a
mentor and find teens to work on the tasks. See the project page for

Also, you can suggest some new and simpler tasks for Plone. Most of the
Python tasks look fairly simple, which may be why they are running out
of tasks. Most of the Plone tasks look fairly complex, which may be why
they have no takers.

Why is this important? Recently I participated in a panel discussion
about open source in universities. One conclusion was we might should
stop wasting our time trying to convince University bureaucrats to
invest in open source rather than proprietary solutions, and instead
spend our time inculcating youth with the open source mindset. It might
not pay off for twenty years. But it might beat smacking our heads
against a wall for twenty years.


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