[triangle-zpug] Special Meeting: Repoze on Tuesday December 4

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Nov 16 21:20:33 UTC 2007



We have a special holiday treat. Our friends and Zope giants Tres Seaver 
  and Chris McDonough are coming to see us on Tuesday December 4th for a 
special holiday presentation on Repoze (http://repoze.org).

Repoze is currently the most important development in the Zope world. 
Through the power of WSGI, Zope is being opened up to a huge treasure 
trove of interoperability with other Python web frameworks and components.

This will be not only a TriZPUG meeting you should not miss, but one you 
should tell other people about. We're spending out some Plone Boot Camp 
proceeds to subsidize Tres and Chris's travel here. And we'll have some 
holiday nibbles on hand.

This is also part of a special Repoze Tour which Agendaless Consulting 
is bringing to TriZPUG, ZPUGDC, CharPy, and Atlanta Plone Users. Atlanta 
Plone Users is currently having a fund-raising drive for their part of 
the Repoze Tour. If you'd like to contribute, contact Derek Richardson 
(see https://lists.gatech.edu/sympa/info/atlanta-plone-users for contact 


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