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Robert Geiger robert at geigers.net
Wed May 30 00:42:51 UTC 2007

No question, designing software is worth doing.

I'm teaching/training people in the ICONIX methodology and it's a 
superior fast track UML based approach that uses 4 diagrams to go from 
analysis to code!

And it works!

And you document requirements, domain objects, use cases, etc.

We use Enterprise Architect as a uml design tool - it's a great value at 
$100.  It just blows everything else away for the price, including the 
open source (free) alternatives (at this time, anyway). (And I always 
look to open source first)

ICONIX is, however, Design Tool independent.

ICONIX is the brainchild of my friend, Doug Rosenberg, who has been 
teaching and writing books on the subject for over 15 years.  His latest 
book just got the BEST BOOK REVIEW for a technology book that I have 
EVER SEEN!  Check it out.


I'd be happy to do an ICONIX design session for the TriZPUG some time, 
if there is any interest.

Robert Geiger

Rob Lineberger wrote:
> If you're attending tonight's TriZPUG meeting (at 7pm in 328 Phillips
> Hall on the campus of UNC) then here's a little bit of homework.  Don't
> worry, it won't hurt much.
> If you aren't familiar with the Waterfall methodology (aka the Systems
> Development Life Cycle of SDLC) then do a quick google search to get the
> gist.  It should take you two minutes to absorb the nuances of this
> venerable model.
> Now for the fun part: Is the waterfall dead?  What hidden or obvious
> ways does your organization/company/place of work use the waterfall
> approach?  
> Extra credit: In what ways is that approach helpful, and in what ways is
> it detrimental?
>> In order to foster discussion I have put an overview of the Blur Box
>> model on the TriZPUG site along with a couple of papers that explain the
>> model further.  You have a week to read them -- which I recommend you
>> do, because then you'll have lots of ammo.
>> http://trizpug.org/Members/Odonata/blurbox/
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Robert Geiger

Have a great day!
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