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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu May 24 13:21:16 UTC 2007

I'm forwarding this from the DFW Python group because when I read it, I 
realized I wasn't subscribed to this very important list (python-announce).

And, oh yeah, don't forget the TriZPUG meeting next week at UNC:


Or the three upcoming Plone Boot Camps at UNC:


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Subject: [dfwPython] Join the Python Announce list if you haven't already
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 20:33:10 -0500
From: Brad Allen <brad at allendev.com>
To: dfwpython at taupro.com

DFW Pythoneers:

If you haven't gotten around to joining the Python Announce list,
here's a reminder.  I just now signed up for the first time, having
relied on Daily Python and Planet Python to get my news, but this
list is important because it's how the PSF gets the word out to the


I joined today and took a look at the May 2007 archives; it contains
various interesting things including a call for Python newbies to get
involved in the PEP documentation process and receive mentoring from
more experienced Pythonistas:

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