[triangle-zpug] Sprint at Google, chance to support/participate

Christopher Johnson cjj at ifpeople.net
Mon May 7 15:08:20 UTC 2007

Hi Southeastern Plonistas and worldwide sprinters! (sorry for any

I wanted to let you know that there is an important Plone sprint coming
up. The community is seeking sponsors (great perks! [1]) and sprinters
(in person and remote) for the "doccom" sprint, June 25-29. The site
will be at Google's headquarters in California. There are two topics: 

- Documentation (to ensure that Plone 3.0 is released with full
documentation), and 
- Commerce, to achieve a new version of the product PloneGetPaid that
makes payment processing and commerce simple and flexible in Plone. [2]

Regarding documentation, this is something that benefits everyone! As
you know, Plone has been changing very fast, and the pending release of
Plone 3.0 represents a radical shift in the technology and how people
will develop for it. Documentation is needed now more than ever. Please
consider supporting the sprint either financially [3] or with your

For more on the sprint, please check out: 

You can see a list of interested attendees (and sign up!) at

I will be attending the sprint (so we can "Get Paid with Plone") and
look forward to working with any of you either in person or remotely! 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

Best wishes,


[1] Sponsor levels include free training! PloneBootCamps and the intro
trainings from 7TechNorthwest. See
http://plone.org/events/sprints/doc-ecommerce for the full breakdown. 
[2] Plone commerce has a long and painful history, which we are trying
to change with a product called GetPaid (and PloneGetPaid), which
leverages Zope3 technologies and will be useful in Plone 2.5. This
product was begun at the BBQSprint and has its first release scheduled
for June 1, and second release after the doccom sprint. 
[3] Financial support makes sure the great sprinters have food, shelter,
and fun during the time they spend helping make the Plone community
stronger (and btw, they are donating their time...). 
ifPeople - Innovation for People
t: 678-608-3408

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