[triangle-zpug] New Python book authored by NC man

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue May 1 21:27:12 UTC 2007

See this nearly brand new book:


The author, James Burton Browning, is described thusly:

"Dr. Browning earned his doctorate from North Carolina State University 
in Technology Education. He has conducted research in areas including: 
distance learning, programming, and instructional technology. As a 
life-long learner and someone who has interests in topics such as: 
programming, photography, robotics, car restoration, wood working, 
hunting, reading, fishing, and archery, he is never at a loss for 
something to do. The art and joy of serving as a professor suits his 
inquisitive nature and in-fact this book was written to help learners 
catch the excitement of programming. Dr. Browning and his wife Anne 
Joyner live in Eastern N.C. with their Siamese cats."

Any of y'all know him? Has he been to a TriZPUG meeting? He's done 
research in distance learning and we used to meet over at NCSU DELTA.


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