[triangle-zpug] Meeting: Tuesday March 27th

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Mar 29 18:31:05 UTC 2007

Mike Revoir wrote:
> On 3/28/07, *Chris Calloway* <cbc at unc.edu <mailto:cbc at unc.edu>> wrote:
>     Mike, I think Chris wants to do a ctypes presentation next month. Y'all
>     might want to get up with each other.
> Excellent. Chris, if you'll send me some information about your 
> presentation I'll add it to the event.

I forget to say "Chris" = Chris Church in this instance.

For later meetings, discussed Tuesday night:

Rob Lineberger is trying to get his agile development presentation for 
PMI back together.

Paul Smith is going to show us more of what great things Django is doing 
for solving his client needs.

I'm working to get Dr. Brian Granger from Colorado here for some work 
which could involve an IPython1 presentation at TriZPUG and regardless 
of that, I'm going to at least somehow represent his IPython 
presentation from PyCon. IPython1 is a massively parallel distributed 
implementation of IPython. http://ipython.scipy.org/ and 

So we could have all barrels loaded for the next four months. 
Plone-free, even. :)


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