[triangle-zpug] Meeting clarifications

Paul Smith paul at blinkylights.org
Tue Mar 27 16:01:04 UTC 2007

    Just to clarify, tonight's meeting will not be Breeze-ified... we 
can only do that when we're meeting at UNC-Pharmacy's facilities. In 
order to attend tonight's meeting you'll need to bring your corporeal 
self to Raleigh. There will also be no cameras that automatically zoom 
in on you when you ask a question, and we'll only be able to comfortably 
accommodate around 50 people. :)
    Also, I'm told that our guest wireless account is once again 
unavailable. I'll try to have an alternative available. There's 
connected Win/Mac in the conference room, but if you need access from 
your own laptop, you might want to bring a cable.


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