[triangle-zpug] Camper first time out of his country arriving at airport at 3:07

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Mar 9 13:59:03 UTC 2007

If you look at:


you will see two last minute additions.

Jørgen G. Jørgensen is arriving at 3:07 this afternoon on Continental. 
It's his first time out of the country. He's coming from Denmark by way 
of New York.

Stephen Kenworthy is arriving at 3:35 this afternoon on Northwest. He's 
coming from Hong Kong.

Both of these flight arrive at Terminal A. If there is a local TriZPUGer 
who wants to go pick up these two at RDU, I think you'd be doing a 
tremendous service. I have to be in Kerr Hall with Philipp to set up the 
classroom about that time.

If you are going to the airport to pick up these two, you probably want 
to print out some kind of signage to identify yourself, like maybe 
either of these flyers:




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