[triangle-zpug] Last night's meeting recap for new Python User Group Blog

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Thu Jun 28 13:32:38 UTC 2007

When I saw that the meeting was going to be a show-and-tell, I really
wanted to go, but couldn't make it. I've been doing lots of python over
the past month, and I'm very excited about it.

If I would have been there, I would have talked about:

- Selenium RC's python bindings, how they forced me to get acquainted
with the unittest module, and subsequently rocked my world.
- how I wrote my first real-world doctests, and I'm increasingly seeing
their merit
- how I've embraced documentation: I'd moor my boat to an epydoc any day.
- The trials and tribulations of my plonification efforts in a strange
and transitional world (...still ongoing! onward ho!)



Chris Calloway wrote:
> We should have show and tell more often. There was more presented last 
> night than at any meeting where we've had scheduled presentations.
> As mentioned last night, I'm participating on our behalf in a new Python 
> User Groups Blog set up by Dallas PyCon organizer Jeff Rush:
> http://python-groups.blogspot.com
> I you shared last night, I would appreciate your placing a paragraph on 
> this list that could be incorporated into a blog post.
> That would be virtal python, searchable django objects, using django to 
> bake easily changeable static content, repository patterns, etc..
> Paul, thanks for the cool place to meet and the wireless.

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