[triangle-zpug] Last night's meeting recap for new Python User Group Blog

Bradley A. Crittenden brad.crittenden at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 13:12:56 UTC 2007

On Jun 28, 2007, at 08:55 AM, Frank Wierzbicki wrote:

> On 6/27/07, David Handy <david at handysoftware.com> wrote:
>> Python is getting cooler and cooler. It wasn't all that long ago  
>> that almost
>> no one I talked with, software developers included, had heard of  
>> it...
> I've had the same experience.  I've been the lone Python guy at so
> many companies -- but now I think Python is really hitting mainstream
> acceptance.  I think there are a bunch of high visibility success
> stories that are really getting developer attention lately.  Google's
> vocal use and support, the use of Python in OLPC and Ubuntu, the fact
> that UTube is written in Python (take that scalability doubters!).

You mention Ubuntu, but don't forget that many (most?) other Linux  
distros make extensive use of Python, most notably Red Hat as an  
early example.

In my previous job I wrote some tools in Python for our software  
product, which was targeted to Red Hat systems.  When a new boss  
arrived on the scene he complained bitterly about using something as  
wacky as Python, which he'd never heard of.  Even if it was  
"shareware", his term of endearment for OSS, we couldn't be sure our  
customer's machines would have it installed.  Despite my assurances  
that Python was not optional to a Red Hat installation he wasn't  

It's nice to have gone from being the Lone Python Guy to a new job in  
an all Python environment.

Sorry I missed the meeting this month.  Sounds like it was a good time.


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