[triangle-zpug] Meeting tomorrow (was Re: Jython talk?)

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon Jun 25 15:34:29 UTC 2007

David Handy wrote:
> I haven't been able to attend any TriZPUG meetings for a while, but I am
> able to attend the one being held the 4th Tuesday of this month -- provided
> we are actually having a meeting this month! I haven't seen anything on the
> TriZPUG website about a June meeting.

It's Capstrat's turn. I just spoke with Paul. He was away on a family 
emergency last week and it snuck up on him. I was away on vacation, so I 
wasn't paying attention, either. :) Anyway, here's the deal:

We will meet at Capstrat tomorrow (Tuesday June 25) at 7pm. The topics 
are: YOU! Be prepared to stand up and talk for five minutes on what you 
learned about Python in the last month or what you've been working on 
with Python in the last month. Like, while I was on vacation last week, 
I installed Plone 3 beta 3 on my laptop just for giggles. I may show 
that. I think Paul will probably have something to say about whatever 
Django he's been working on.

There will also be a really, really nice Python related door prize. You 
want to show up just in case you might win this really, really nice 
thing. All I will tell you about it is that way back in TriZPUG's deep 
past, there was a four hour long TriZPUG presentation about it once. I 
believe that meeting holds the record for longest TriZPUG presentation. 
And we still went out to a bar afterwards. :)

The website will be updated with a meeting announcement today. We 
apologize for the slackitude. It wasn't intentional and we really did 
plan for it to work differently. We actually have about a dozen people 
who could handle this if they wish.

Frank W, thanks for joining this list and having interest in presenting 
Jython to us. I enjoyed your Jython talk at PyCon.

If you want to give a talk for any particular meeting, all you have to 
do is declare it on this email list. You don't need to take a poll about 
who would be interested. We practice the shotgun rules for meetings. If 
you volunteer to give a talk at a particular time, then who is anybody 
else to say you should or shouldn't? :)

So since you've chosen August, you're "it" for August. Also, we 
encourage as many people to give talks at meeting as who want to. The 
more, the merrier. We encourage lots of short talks. Anyone can just 
stand up at a meeting and present whatever they want for a few minutes. 
But if there are few or no lightning talks, that gives you the 
opportunity to talk at length about Jython. That's how it usually works 
out. There's usually one longer prepared talk and possibly a couple of 
lightning talks.

We meet at UNC this August (and Duke in July). We have a three month 
rotating schedule of Raleigh (at Capstrat)/Chapel Hill (at UNC)/Durham 
(at Duke). This helps spread the travel out among our widely dispersed 
participants. Well, for all except Mark Biggers who, coming from 
Yadkinville every month, wins the Most Miles Logged On Behalf Of TriZPUG 
Award. We have one person who occasionally comes from South Carolina to 

As the August host, I'll be glad to post a meeting announcement on the 
website about your Jython talk. I like it when we can get meeting 
announcements posted well in advance. :)

We definitely have rooms scheduled for July (Duke), August (UNC), 
October (Duke) and November (UNC). Frank, if you'd like to contact Paul 
Smith at Capstrat in Raleigh, maybe you guys could work out something 
concerning sharing the hosting of the meetings during the months when we 
meet in Raleigh (June and September for the rest of this year). There is 
also a guy at NC State whose name escapes me, but who has at least 
expressed interest in helping bring Raleigh hosting back to campus 
(TriZPUG started on the NCSU campus). I believe he's in the Physics 
department. Are you reading this my long lost IRC friend? Also, the 
current lead maintainer of Vpython is on faculty at NCSU in the 
Department of Physics.


Chris Calloway
office: 332 Chapman Hall   phone: (919) 962-4323
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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