[triangle-zpug] Print a plone object from the command line?

Edmund Moseley edmund at unc.edu
Thu Jul 19 19:17:34 UTC 2007

Hi TriZPUG'ers,

I am wanting to print a custom plone object from the command line, such 
that it would look the same as when printed from a browser (that 
supports CSS ;-).

I have tried converting the page to a pdf using Plone2PDF (and others), 
but they ignore CSS and images. I looked at SmartPrintNG, but this 
requires proprietary software, which I would like to avoid if possible.

I also tried fetching the page with wget, but then I do not know how to 
apply the print.css to remove the navigation etc.

Has anybody done something similar or have any ideas as to how I can 
accomplish this?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Edmund Moseley
Databases Analyst
NC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

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