[triangle-zpug] Progress report learning Plone, now in deeper...

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Mon Jul 16 13:34:41 UTC 2007

What version of ubuntu are you using?


David Handy wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 15, 2007 at 11:49:08PM -0400, cbcoasis at email.unc.edu wrote:
>> Quoting David Handy <david at handysoftware.com>:
>>> a week ago that the Plone installer wasn't working out-of-the box. Here is
>>> the deal: Debian/Ubuntu requires patches to PIL in order for it to compile
>>> in their unique environment, and that was the cause of my problems.
>> Do tell the details, David. The Unified Installer for 3.0rc1 did PIL 
>> fine for me on Feisty. Plone 3.0rc1 uses the new PIL 1.1.6. I had quite 
>> a problem with PIL 1.1.5 in the Plone 2.5x installer on Edgy, however, 
>> and had to go hack the PIL installer to ignore my system PIL.
>> Steve McMahon from Camp 5 is now the unified installer maintainer on 
>> Mac and Linux.
> Ok, here are the complete details:
> PIL will compile unpatched on Debian/Ubuntu, provided, ironically, that the
> tk8.4-dev package is *not* installed. If tk8.4-dev is not installed, then
> the Python _tkinter module will not compile.  Therefore, PIL will detect
> that _tkinter cannot be imported and will simply skip compiling all the PIL
> Tk stuff, but it will compile the rest Ok.
> If tk8.4-dev is installed, then Python _tkinter will compile successfully.
> When PIL tries to compile, it imports _tkinter successfully, and says, "Oh,
> I should be able to compile the PIL Tk stuff", and then it can't because it
> can't find tk.h, so the PIL compile fails. 
> Apparently the PIL setup.py assumes that tk.h is in /usr/include or some
> other common include path, but the Python compile is smart enough to find it
> in /usr/include/tcl8.4. The Debian/Ubuntu patch to the PIL setup.py just
> hardwires adding "/usr/include/tcl8.4" to the include path.
> Since Plone doesn't (and shouldn't) pop up Tk windows while manipulating
> images on the server, I just hacked the PIL setup.py by adding this line
> right after line 91:
> _tkinter = None
> PIL compiled Ok (without the Tk stuff) and everything else worked Ok.
> David H

Josh Johnson

"Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming, feedback is the treatment." - Kent Beck 

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