[triangle-zpug] Continuing Camp 5 effect

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Sat Jul 7 13:11:07 UTC 2007

Chris Calloway wrote:
> Somebody asked at the meeting about the continuing effects of Camp 5. It 
> totally escaped me that GetPaid, started at Camp5, just had a sprint at 
> Google in California last week. It was called the "Doccomm" sprint 
> because half of it was also dedicated to Plone Help Center. Several Camp 
> 5 attendees were also at that (check out the pictures in the first link):
> http://www.openplans.org/projects/doc-and-e-commerce-sprint/pictures-and-links
> http://www.plonegetpaid.com/updates/archive/2007/06/26/doccomm-sprint-update/view
> http://plone.org/events/sprints/doc-ecommerce/
> http://www.csquaredtech.com/luminescence/doccomm-sprint-day-5
> http://www.csquaredtech.com/luminescence/doccomm-sprint-day-4
> http://www.csquaredtech.com/luminescence/doccomm-sprint-day-3
> http://www.csquaredtech.com/luminescence/doccom-sprint-day-2
> http://www.csquaredtech.com/luminescence/doccom-sprint-day-1-recap
> The Vice project, started at Camp 5, seems to be fairly active on IRC as 
> well.


I can also happily report that the NudgeNudge application that was 
started at the Camp5 sprint has continued to be an important playground 
for cutting edge Grok and Zope3 technology. In particular, thanks to 
Ian's involvement, I've been experimenting with PasteDeploy a lot. My 
talks at the DZUG Tagung [1] and EuroPython [2] revolve around this effort.

Also, my latest ramblings about instances vs. applications [3] as well 
as mkzopeapp [4] was greatly influenced by what came out of the Camp5 

[4] http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/mkzopeapp


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