[triangle-zpug] What Plone doc should I read?

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Thu Jul 5 13:02:16 UTC 2007

I can't help too much with your installation issue (I didn't have any 
problems with the universal installer), but I went through (er... am 
still going through) the same problem with the seeming lack of good 
documentation. When you get a working plone site, I might be able to 
give you some specific pointers on where to look.

I've got a 3-ring binder of printouts of tutorials, chapters from online 
books, references, etc and as I read and reread things, try what works, 
watch videos from the last Plone conf, etc, etc... the pieces are 
falling into place... but it hasn't been exceedingly forthcoming, to put 
it lightly :)

I  hope the doccom sprint is as productive as it sounds :D


David Handy wrote:
> Hi all -
> Regarding my attempt to install and configure Plone for the first time -
> Plunging ahead, I used the Plone 2.5.3 unified unix installer from
> http://plone.org/products/plone. Installation went fine, the server starts
> fine, and I can log into the manager using the generated admin password. I
> even figured out how to change the admin password.
> What next? I figured that the definitive Plone book referenced on the
> trizpug website would tell me exactly what to do... but it doesn't.
> Unfortunately, it has several bold warnings like this:
>     "This book is out of date and is not being updated. The examples may or
>     may not work.  For more information see
>     http://www.agmweb.ca/plone/book/unsupported.html"
> Attempting to read and follow the directions anyway, I see that the
> disclaimer is no joke. The book really is out of date. I can't even get off
> of the dime and "add" a Plone site, because "Plone Site" doesn't show up in
> the dropdown list. Poking around it seems like Plone is installed in the
> Products directory...
> The FAQs and HowTos at plone.org didn't get me over this hump.
> The Tutorials at http://learnplone.org/documentation/tutorial assume the
> Plone site has already been set up by someone who knows what he is doing.
> So I'm laying this project aside till I can get some help.
> Can some kind person can point me to more recent/complete docs? (Now I
> understand the need for boot camps and such...)
> Thanks, and have a great 4th!
> David H
> On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 03:27:03PM -0400, David Handy wrote:
>> Hi friends -
>> I'm finally taking the plunge and installing Plone on my home Linux server
>> to set up a family website.
>> Which immediately posed a question - Which versions of Plone and Zope do I
>> install? Since I have no legacy sites nor data to worry about, I'd like to
>> use the latest versions reasonable. But this page:
>> http://plone.org/documentation/faq/plone-versions
>> doesn't even mention Plone 3.0!
>> Advice? (I figure this is the place to ask...)
>> Thanks,
>> David H
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