[triangle-zpug] What Plone doc should I read?

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Thu Jul 5 12:58:21 UTC 2007

for what it's worth, turning on debug mode (IIRC it's not on by default 
in the unified installer) will print any errors loading external modules 
as zope starts.

When installing PIL (isn't that *in* the unified installer?) you have to 
make sure it gets put into the right place. I'd have to look to be sure, 
but I don't think the unified installer puts your default python path 
into $PYTHONPATH when you install it.

I set up plone on Ubuntu, and it came with python 2.5 pre-installed, so 
to make life easier I installed easy_install into the 
/opt/Plone-2.5.3/Python-2.4.4 directory.


felixtp at webmail.co.za wrote:
>> Jim Allman
>> If CMFCore and CMFPlone products are listed there, and their icons
>> look OK, you should be able to add a Plone Site. Especially with
>> Plone installed, the list of possible types to add is quite large,
>> but Plone Site should be available--provided that you're in a
>> sensible place to put a Plone site. (What you're really saying with
>> the Add button is "Add one of these things right here.") For example,
>> you can add a Plone Site to the root "folder" of a Zope site, but not
>> from within the Control Panel, or a user folder, etc.
>> Once you have a simple site installed, the tutorials and such are a
>> good next step.
>> Hope this helps,
> Hi
> I agree with Jim here.
> There is a document or tutorial that is so much helpful:-
> http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/basic-install-of-your-own-python-zope-plone-server-on-fedora-core-5
> I assume you have the right python, PIL because another thing that count
> is compatibility like python 2.3 won't work on plone 2.5 and all that.
> So in my installation i didn't use the location like this tutorial i gave
> you above (/opt/zope/2.9.3 ).
> make a directory (z296)
> ./configure --prefix=/home/admin/z296 (instead of /opt/zope/2.9.3)
> and then follow the steps right through, after that the tutorials should
> be helpful, i hope this does help you.
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