[triangle-zpug] What Plone doc should I read?

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Thu Jul 5 06:35:19 UTC 2007

> Jim Allman
> If CMFCore and CMFPlone products are listed there, and their icons
> look OK, you should be able to add a Plone Site. Especially with
> Plone installed, the list of possible types to add is quite large,
> but Plone Site should be available--provided that you're in a
> sensible place to put a Plone site. (What you're really saying with
> the Add button is "Add one of these things right here.") For example,
> you can add a Plone Site to the root "folder" of a Zope site, but not
> from within the Control Panel, or a user folder, etc.
> Once you have a simple site installed, the tutorials and such are a
> good next step.
> Hope this helps,
I agree with Jim here.
There is a document or tutorial that is so much helpful:-

I assume you have the right python, PIL because another thing that count
is compatibility like python 2.3 won't work on plone 2.5 and all that.

So in my installation i didn't use the location like this tutorial i gave
you above (/opt/zope/2.9.3 ).
make a directory (z296)
./configure --prefix=/home/admin/z296 (instead of /opt/zope/2.9.3)

and then follow the steps right through, after that the tutorials should
be helpful, i hope this does help you.

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