[triangle-zpug] Jython talk?

T. Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sun Jul 1 01:19:40 UTC 2007

On Friday 22 June 2007 14:55, Frank Wierzbicki wrote:

> I recently joined this list and I thought I'd introduce myself.  My
> name is Frank Wierzbicki, and I am the current lead maintainer of
> Jython (http://www.jython.org) and was wondering if there is enough
> local interest for me to speak on Jython for trizpug?  

Awesome.  If you give a Jython talk, I'll even show up.  I haven't been able 
to make it to many meetings since we switched them to Tuesdays.

I've often wondered by Jython didn't become Python's killer app back when it 
first came out.  For some reason, it never got much publicity among Java 
developers.  Jython was the way I tricked a few Java developers on one of my 
old teams to learn Python.  :)  Actually, I had convinced the manager that we 
should have one production language (Java) and one tooling language (Jython) 
that everyone on my team knew.  He asked me to prepare a series of lunch 
talks to introduce the team to Jython...

...and then the company decided to stop that project, scattered the developers 
to other teams, etc.  And then we switched all new development to C#.  :-(

Welcome to the group, Frank.


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