[triangle-zpug] Question - How to prevent folders showing up as Tabs

Robert Geiger robert at geigers.net
Mon Jan 29 18:40:39 CET 2007


  Zope Version   (Zope 2.9.4-final, python 2.4.3, linux2)
Python Version   2.4.3 (#1, Oct 8 2006, 14:37:35) [GCC 4.0.2 20051125 
(Red Hat 4.0.2-8)]
System Platform  linux2
SOFTWARE_HOME    /opt/Plone-2.5/lib/python

No, just asked my local homies!

Any ideas?

Chris Calloway wrote:
> Robert Geiger wrote:
>> I check the property to have it not show up on the Nav Tree and it 
>> doesn't show up... but it's still a TAB!
> Have you asked plone-users and did you state versions of 
> Python/Zope/Plone when you did?
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