[triangle-zpug] Camp 5 Wiki

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Feb 9 04:13:32 CET 2007

By popular request, a Camp 5 Wiki has been created at The Open Planning 
Project's site:


If you are a participant in Camp 5, this is a place (in addition to the 
Camp 5 email list you were subscribed to when you registered for Camp 5) 
where you can find room shares and those other kind of pre-conference 
contact issues.

If you are a TriZPUGer, well, we need you to take a *serious* look at 
the local volunteer topics and step up to the bar. Camp 5 and the BBQ 
Sprint volunteer tasks can also be discussed on the TriZPUG email list, 
of course. The wiki is more of a place to keep track of what exactly 
you've volunteered for and all the tasks that go with that. But it's 
important to get those things (names = tasks) nailed down on the wiki. 
This is the time to pull together.


Chris Calloway
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