[triangle-zpug] Camp 5 map mashup

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Feb 6 18:51:45 CET 2007

Some people from Spain are coming to Camp 5. They work for a firm called 
CodeSyntax, which is home to a bunch of projects including something 
called Tagzania. Tagzania is a Zope-powered map mashup. The Tagzania 
people made a Camp 5 map mashup for us:


If any of you would like to join Tagzania and decorate this mashup with 
geo-tags for the hotel locations described here:


then that would help. You might want to make the hotel pins in a 
different color from the classroom pin, if that's possible. You might 
want to make the official Hampton Inn location an even different color 
from the other hotels.

You probably want to announce your intention to do this tagging on this 
list in order that five people don't try to do it all at once. :)

I have an appropriate prize for someone who completes this task *this 
week*: a copy of O'Reilly's brand new "Introduction to Neogeography." 
It's a PDF only mini-book about things like Tagzania.

We already have restaurant mashups:



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