[triangle-zpug] Help with using different skins within Plone sites...

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Dec 20 16:16:42 UTC 2007

deann corum wrote:
> Further, the method WORKS on a Plone site WITHOUT zeo.


I've been busy for awhile and just saw this. Did you find what's going 
on with having it work differently on zeo? That's pretty weird.

Caching may affect this.

Having a different zope.conf per zclient may affect this.

> Bottom line: WHAT is the best way to facilitate having a different skin 
> on a folder within an existing Zeo/Plone site? Do we just have to make a 
> separate site for each sub-division within the site?

I assume you saw this:


which looks quite old. This looks old, too:


This was updated recently and has comments to say it works in Plone 3:


There is older information here as well:


which talks about changing the skin for different roles and says 
different skins per folder "an lead to confusion, so I don't recommend 
it." But I think he is talking about end user confusion.

This looks fairly recent, and seems to suggest the old information is 
somewhat still valid:


I think a lot of this depends on which Plone you are using. I think all 
bets are off with Plone 3, which is all about Zope 3 viewlets. Some 
discussion here:


I see Limi here saying having different skin per folder is simplest 
(with a downside):


Some products I here talked about in regard to this issue are Subplone 
and CMFUrlSkinSwitcher. Subplone actually attacks a different problem 
(separating content from site tools) but can be used for skin control. 
CMFUrlSkinSwitcher looks old (README.txt says "Sorry, outdated!"), but 
uses regular expressions on the URL to determine which skin to apply. It 
looks like it just manages an access rule for you.



I would highly recommend taking these questions to #plone and plone-users:



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