[triangle-zpug] Help with using different skins within Plone sites...

deann corum decorum at duke.edu
Fri Dec 14 17:47:13 UTC 2007

I'm not sure I'm even using the correct terminology here. (newbie)

What we have is a Plone/zeo setup where the connections to/from the 
plone server are proxied thru our web server.

We have a plone site with a folder inside ie: 
http://www.oursite.com/site/site1 (all redirects to and from /site and 
/site1 thru apache work fine).

But we want to use a DIFFERENT SKIN for /site1 than we get when we 
access /site. Redirects to and from /site/site1 work but we just don't 
get the customized skin we want for that folder - we just get a '404 not 
found' error - NO content and NO skin (we get the skin for /site)

The webmaster (not me - I'm the sysadmin) used an external method 
(python script in /Extensions) and an access rule to facilitate the 
calling of the different skin for /site2.

If we add /SUPPRESS_ACCESSRULE to the URL we get the content for /site1 
but still NO skin.

Further, the method WORKS on a Plone site WITHOUT zeo.

Bottom line: WHAT is the best way to facilitate having a different skin 
on a folder within an existing Zeo/Plone site? Do we just have to make a 
separate site for each sub-division within the site?

How do others do this? Sorry if I'm making no sense with 
terminology/concepts, but I'm rather new to Plone. :P

Duke University

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