[triangle-zpug] plone 3.0 and calendars

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Aug 23 21:46:36 UTC 2007

Dimauro, Frank wrote:
> Does Plone 3.0 come with event calendaring OOB? Or will we need to add a
> product like Plone4Artists Calendar (which is not yet Plone 3.0
> supported...btw) 
> http://plone.org/products/plone4artistscalendar

Looks like the same event type and calendar portlet we've known and loved.

> It looks like CalendarX which we have been using since 2.0.5 is not
> compatible with Plone v3.0.

It looks like it wasn't even released for 2.5., hasn't had an update in 
2 years, doesn't have a roadmap, and its issue tracker is down. It's 
been rolled into Plone4ArtistsCalendar.

The new Plone Software Center shows that out of 1553 product releases 
today, only 53 are for Plone 3.0. So I wouldn't expect whatever my 
favorite third party product is to have an updated release today. 
(Although mine does: Clouseau!)

The new Plone Software Center lets you search by category and Plone 
release. Searching for Calendar/Events for Plone 3.0 only shows one 
product, the awesome DateRangeInRangeIndex product we saw in Advanced 
Plone Boot Camp. But that's a developer product you'd use to build a 
calendar product.

You might pop into #plone4artists channel on irc.freenode.net and ask 
the intentions for Plone 3.0.. I can't tell from 
http://plone4artists.org/products/plone4artistssite/roadmap what the 
intention is. The product page for it specifically says "Plone 3.0+ is 
not supported at this time" as well as not for underlying necessary 
versions of Zope and Five.


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