[triangle-zpug] Content rules

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Aug 21 21:38:22 UTC 2007

After playing with Plone 3.0 for about five minutes, I'd like to give a 
lightning talk at the upcoming meeting about Plone Content Rules.

Having never seen a content rule before, it took me a few seconds to set 
up a rule such that when any content item is added to my test site, I 
get an email.

You can trigger on content added, modified, deleted, or change in 
workflow state.

You can enable or disable a rule.

You can add mutliple conditions based on content type, file extension, 
workflow state, user's group, or user's role.

Actions can mutliple and orderable. Actions are log, notify user, copy 
to folder, move to folder, delete object, transition workflow state, or 
mail a list of addresses (with intelligent tags to title and url in email).

Rules can be enabled globally, on a folder, or to all subfolders of a 

We used to write scripts and workflow actions to do this kind of stuff. 
Now it's all in a web interface any non-technical person can be shown 
how to use in the way they want.

The Ajax editing of content in place as you view the page is super cool, 
too. Kinda scary freaky it's so cool. Very wow.


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