[triangle-zpug] getting Plone up & running on Ubuntu

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Aug 21 18:27:14 UTC 2007

Warren Myers wrote:
> *Resource not found*

OK, this says that Zope is running and didn't find a resource called 

Log into http://zope.server:8080/manage and see if you have a plone site 
in the root of your Zope called "Plone." You could create one if you don't.

I assume zope.server in your examples means "" or "localhost."

If by "vanilla rebuild" of Plone 2.5.3, you mean the unified installer at:


I just downloaded it, expanded it, and ran "sudo ./install.sh" from a 
terminal in the expanded folder as per the readme.txt in an up to date 
instance of Ubuntu Feisty. It ran for a few minutes compiling away. When 
it was done, I ran "sudo /opt/Plone-2.5.3/zeocluster/bin/startcluster" 
from the same terminal as per the instructions at the end of the 
installer run. I fired up Firefox and looked at:


and saw Zope. So, next I went to:


I got an authentication dialog. I entered the userid and password 
provided at the end of the installer run. You can also find it in:


after you run the installer as per the instructions in readme.txt.

I looked in the Zope root there with the management screen and saw no 
Plone site. So I added one. This is the usual case with Zope and Plone. 
I think the installer may claim somewhere that it adds a Plone site 
instance in your Zope root. But I have seen that not be the case before 
with Ubuntu. No matter, it is business as usual to add a Plone Site into 
Zope if you want one.

So I looked over in that drop down with "Add" button in the Zope 
management interface. I selected "Plone Site" and clicked "Add." I came 
up to the "Add Plone Site" management screen. I filled in the following:

Id: myplone
Title: My Plone Site
Description: This is my Plone Site to help Warren.
Base Profile: Plone Site
Extension Profiles: (don't select anything here)

Then I clicked on "Add Plone Site" at the bottom of that screen. It 
thought about what I typed for a few seconds (actually, it's creating a 
bunch of stuff during those few seconds). Then it returned me to the 
Zope management interface. I saw a Plone Site called "myplone" in my 
Zope root. Yay!

So I went and visited:


And wowee, there's my plone site. Thanks, Steve McMahon! (Steve 
maintains the installer and came to TriZPUG's wonderful Camp 5 last March.)

Beyond that, you may want to avail yourself of these resources:



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