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Fri Apr 27 18:41:25 UTC 2007


Below is part of a message from Mark Taber at Pearson Education. He's 
an acquisition editor there and is looking for a Django-ite to review a 
book proposal. If you have the expertise and are interested please 
contact him directly.


Walt Martin
UNC Health Care System

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do you
know much, by chance, about Django? I have a proposal for a Teach
Yourself book on Django in, but I desperately need a couple knowledgable
people to give me a quick review before I can sign it. (If you can't,
that's certainly understandable, but let me know if anybody else comes
to mind). Thanks!

Mark Taber | Associate Publisher | Pearson Education
mark.taber at pearsoned.com | www.marktaber.com | +1 317 428 3323
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