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Geoff Davis geoff at geoffdavis.net
Mon Apr 2 15:27:45 UTC 2007

Joel Burton pointed me to Server4You (http://server4you.net), and I  
have had pretty good luck with them.  You get your own box all to  
yourself starting from $50/month.  You have root access and complete  
control -- it's a physical box, not a virtual machine -- so you have  
to play sysadmin, but you get to do whatever you want.  I think Kapil  
Thangavelu also uses them.

On Apr 2, 2007, at 11:00 AM, Chris Calloway wrote:

> Dave Powell wrote:
>> hey guys...
>> ...just had a friend pass along this info about Python hosting...
>> http://www.fatcow.com
>> ...thought i'd share...anybody know of any PZP hosting at this price
>> point?...i need a host for some personal stuff...and the price is
>> right...(i'd prefer plone/zope, but, beggars can't be  
>> choosers ;o) ....
> That's python as in straight up mod_python or python CGI on virtual
> hosting. Very 1997. It won't run zope or plone very easily if at all.
> Pretty much any reseller can give you the same deal. There are  
> literally
> thousands of $8/month "deals." mod_python and python CGI have been
> pretty standard offerings on any host for a decade. And pretty much
> everybody who gives you that deal is a reseller. Your site will run on
> the same server as 100 others and your site will be periodically
> unavailable several times a day as one of those sites sucks down  
> all the
> resources, even when "jailed" or "quota'd" or "quarantined."
> Repeat after me: "You get what you pay for. Seven times more so when
> hosting."
> OK, now repeat that at least fifty more times to yourself. I know it
> won't do any good. But you can go out and prove it to yourself over a
> number of years otherwise. The good thing about plone is, it helps you
> find this out sooner rather than later, in case you can't remember:
> You get what you pay for.
> The more you ignore this, the more pain you will suffer. That said,  
> even
> though this has been answered in our archives more than once, it may
> bear repeating:
> Free Plone sites: http://www.objectis.org/ http:// 
> myplone.objectis.org/
> Has been there since Plone 1. Run by Pilot Systems and Blue Dynamics
> (who hosted two Plon Conferences). Can't use your own domain name yet
> because they don't want to support it. Can only use the products they
> have installed. So your site customizations will be TTW, not a site
> product. But they have a great number of installed products. In  
> fact, if
> they don't have a product installed, you might question if you'd  
> want to
> use it. If there is a product you want they don't have installed, they
> will install it if they can determine if it will be trouble-free.
> You have to justify why you need a free Plone host to Objectis. "I  
> want
> to learn Plone" is not a justification. You can do that on your  
> laptop.
> They want reasons like "I'd like to host a Plone site I have already
> developed which will help coordinate volunteers for my bike  
> marathon for
> charity." They filter out bozo's and wannabe's so their resources  
> can go
> to people who deserve it.
> Abbreviated list of plone hosting: http://plone.net/hosting-providers
> Some obvious omissions from that list (as plone.net is apparently a  
> bad
> joke):
> http://sixfeetup.com (my personal favorite and Camp5 attendee)
> http://www.jazkarta.com/services/hosting (Camp5 attendee; reseller)
> http://zettai.net/ (PloneCon and ZPUGDC sponsor; hosts OxFam America)
> http://www.ingenihosting.com/ (freakishly hardened; good plone  
> community
> citizen)
> http://www.siteground.com/plone-hosting.htm
> http://www.highspeedrails.com/
> http://www.webfaction.com/ (zope, plone, trac, subversion, django,
> turbogears - pick and choose; some people love it, some people hate  
> it,
> webfaction is the new pink)
> http://www.amaze-solutions.com/hosting-new (hosts plone.org)
> http://reflab.it/services/hosting (Amaze reseller; co-host of PloneCon
> 2007 in Napoli)
> http://interlix.com/services/zope-plone-hosting
> Don't shun hosts outside the U.S.. There are good reasons to host your
> site outside of the U.S. these days.
> This may help:
> http://plone.org/documentation/faq/where-can-i-host-my-plone-site
> http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/plone-system-resources-for-a- 
> small-site
> In looking at those, I would say, you will find serious limitations  
> and
> pain whenever hosting an application server (whether zope or a java
> server or whatever) on virtual hosting. It is almost always worth  
> it to
> get your own dedicated server. Ask Mark and Rob how they are liking  
> 1&1.
> Also:
> http://wiki.zope.org/zope2/HostingProviders
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